Outreach and Evangelism

Outreach/Evangelism Ministry

 Evangelism is a vital part of our congregation’s ministry. As Christian disciples we are asked to reach out to others, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. At Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church, our goal is to create a caring, open and inviting atmosphere for people from diverse age and cultural groups to express and practice their Christian faith.

     One of the ways we accomplish this is through the Outreach/Evangelism Ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to offer the love and acceptance of God as revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to the end that as people participate in the life of Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church, they may experience God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness in ways that offer hope and that restore wholeness to life.

     The Outreach/Evangelism Ministry consists of the following components:

The Welcome Center continues the ritual of friendship as greeters who welcome the guests, assisting them with information such as the sanctuary, Sunday School classes, childcare and answering other questions. The Welcome Center Host may be the first person a visitor meets and often sets the tone for the worship experience. The First-Time Visitation Team consists of 2-4 people who will deliver on Sunday afternoon/evening to first-time visitors, information packets about church opportunities. These calls are brief, made at the door, without going into the home.

     It is our intent to include you in the life of our congregation, to offer you opportunities for worship, service, prayer, fellowship, to exercise the expression and practice of your faith. Allow God to use you, to share your faith and build your fellowship with others.

     If you’d like to volunteer in The Outreach/Evangelism Ministry, please contact the church office, or or pastor.

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