Member’s Business Directory

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Member-2-Member Business Directory!

We welcome you to be a part of it!

 Our Directory makes the names and basic contact information of church member businesses available to our congregation. We pray this will create a friendly, community building tool.  We know Andrews Chapel members are always looking for goods and services that are provided by other church members and we are confident this program will:

  • Strengthen relationships within our Church.
  • Make us better stewards of the Christian talents, time and treasure in our community.
  • Provide ready access to members looking for services.
  • Facilitate networking between Christian businesses.
  • Provide a way for members to make their products and services available to church members.

 Every business listed in the Directory is associated with a member of Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church. As you would understand, Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church does not endorse a business owner, their practices or quality of work.

Register with us if not registered. You will receive your user name and password within 60 minutes.  Log in at this site and list you business.  You will receive confirmation and approval of your listing within 48 hours. Or you can complete this registration form and return it to our church secretary office.