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Finance Committee Policy and Procedures Manual    

Purpose:  To provide the procedures for conducting financial transactions in the church.

Voucher Request Form

Purpose:  To request payment for products and services.  Request must be emailed from personnel authorized to request reimbursement.  The request must be sent to the Work Area Chair for approval.

Procedures:  Follow Voucher Procedures.  Complete Voucher Request Form and save to your computer.  Email the completed form to your Work Area Chair and Finance Chair for approval.  The Work Area Chair will forward your form to Finance with their recommendation for approval.  Be sure to attached the saved voucher request form to your email before sending.


To download PDF format of Voucher Request Form

Email to: Work Area Chairperson,  Church Council Chair and Finance Chair

Voucher Use

1. All vouchers must be submitted to the Church Council Chairperson at the monthly meetings with the signature of the work area chairperson.


2.  Vouchers will not be submitted to the Church Treasurer without the Church Council chairperson’s signature.


3.  If funds will not be available for reimbursement following a project/event, you must hold the voucher or find alternative sources, for example, sponsorship, delay your project/event, change the date of the project/event, or get pre-approval for Finance for a reimbursement when funds become available.

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