Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare Ministry

Programs are emphasized which will make the congregation more health conscious and aware.  The ministry provides learning opportunities for the congregation to develop a better understanding of how to enhance and develop optimum health.

Health and Welfare also sponsors health summits and seminars; highlight local and national Health Awareness Days.  Every effort is made to help Andrews Chapel members increase awareness of Health issues and concerns.

Annually CPR training is offered through health and welfare.

Every effort is made to increase the congregation’s awareness of important health issues for youths and teens.

Currently, there is an urgent need for both health kits and flood buckets. These collections of everyday items help families recover during the early days after a major disaster. The health kits contain items such as a toothbrush, wash cloth, and soap. The flood buckets contain items like gloves, household cleaners, and bleach to help people clean their homes to make them livable again. For information on how to assemble and send these important items, please visit UMCOR’s website.

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